Info Covid-19


Since always, we enforce us to respect the hygiene rules in our gîtes. But the recent events oblige us to redefine the notion of "cleanliness" within our accommodations.
Here are the golden rules now in force in the gîtes of the Domaine de Montlaur to ensure the health security and well-being of our guests.

Our golden rules

1. Ventilation:

- Each time there is a change of tenant, we air all the gîtes for a long time by opening doors and windows to renew the air as much as possible.

2. Respect of the gestures barriers during the cleaning:

- Masks, gels and gloves, hand washing, we respect the government guidelines.

3. Use of disinfectants:

- We use effective products that eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses in accordance with the standards issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.

4. Elements to be disinfected:

- Frequently touched surfaces, door handles, switches, household appliances are the object of particular attention.

5. Use of disposable supplies:

-We use disposable cleaning supplies whenever possible. Non-disposable cloths and rags are washed at high temperatures after each accommodation household.

6. Linen is washed at a high temperature:

- All household linen (sheets, towels, pool towels, kitchen linen) is washed by us at a high temperature (90°).

7. Hydroalcoholic gel:

- We provide our guests with hydroalcoholic gel.